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About Us

We have a passion for understanding the healthcare market environment—and helping others understand it too. Learn more about our story, our service offerings, and our team below. 

Our Story

We are a team of best practice and strategy researchers who began our professional journey together almost 20 years ago at the Advisory Board Company in Washington, DC.  We spent two decades developing market and performance guidance by interviewing executives, building models, reading 1,000-page proposed rules, and synthesizing our findings. We whiteboarded, root-caused, drafted, ripped up, and rewrote countless presentations.  We crisscrossed the nation (and the world!) learning and teaching.

Union Healthcare Insight is the research membership we always wanted to make. It reflects our beliefs about the information environment. Such as how easy it is for consequential facts to be lost in healthcare's noise, politics, and sheer, forbidding complexity. How important it is to put the work into discerning the actual mechanics of the market. And how, if we do, everyone can understand and productively engage with health care strategy.  


Union Healthcare Insight is dedicated to supporting its members with independent, curatedholistic, and objective information about health care strategy , sectors, actors, and the market environment. 

We invite you to come along on this learning journey with us.

Our Services

Our baseline organizational membership includes a robust set of intelligence, education, and event offerings—as outlined in the first three items below.

Additional custom service options are available by arrangement. We invite both members and non-members to discuss these options with us; research members receive a discount.

Data on a Touch Pad


Our core offering is an impartial, holistic, and curated stream of information about health care strategy and market topics.


Members receive:

  • A regularly updated State of the Union presentation and white paper

  • Annually updated research reports on perennially relevant subjects such as health IT, workforce, health system transformation,  payment, policy, and finance. 

  • Our unique CXO sentiment index—an industry bellwether on strategic challenges and expectations. 

  • An annual onsite presentation, for uses such as executive working session or board retreat.


We take seriously the fact that healthcare contains a multitude of complex topics, and key stakeholders come from diverse knowledge backgrounds. 

  • For each of our major research reports, member organizations receive an optional 'get up to speed' tutorial for learners who need a quick boost or refresher before accessing the main report.

  • Our topical tutorials can also be used as multi-session educational curricula for your team.  

  • We can field an anonymous Strategic Topic Knowledge Benchmarking Survey among your team members. This ensures your team's education time is well spent—and allows you to measure before-and-after knowledge gains.



Members receive frequent webcasts highlighting new research or issues in the news.


We also hold in-person events bringing together executives from across the industry for facilitated discussions.


Custom partnerships are available on a case-by-case basis.  


For example: Executive retreat content design and facilitation; co-branded whitepapers on topics of particular interest to client members; tailored research projects; and sponsorship of events or content.  

Let's Work Together

Reach out for a conversation about what your Union Healthcare Insight partnership could look like.

Our Team

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