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About Us

And our commitment to learning and teaching about healthcare

We have a passion for understanding the health care market environment—and helping others understand it too.

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Our Story

We are a team of best practice and strategy researchers who began our professional journey together almost 20 years ago at the Advisory Board Company in Washington, DC.  We spent two decades developing market and performance guidance by interviewing executives, building models, reading 1,000-page proposed rules, and synthesizing our findings. We whiteboarded, root-caused, drafted, ripped up, and rewrote countless presentations.  We crisscrossed the nation (and the world!) learning and teaching.

Union Healthcare Insight is the research membership we always wanted to make. It reflects our beliefs about the information environment. Such as how easy it is for consequential facts to be lost in healthcare's noise, politics, and sheer, forbidding complexity. How important it is to put the work into discerning the actual mechanics of the market. And how, if we do, everyone can understand and productively engage with health care strategy.  


Union Healthcare Insight is dedicated to supporting its members with holistic, insightful, accessible, and reliable information about health care strategy , sectors, actors, and the market environment. 

We invite you to come along on this learning journey with us.

Meet The Team

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