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Healthcare AI bootcamp excerpt
Download PDF • 554KB

Check out our excerpt from our healthcare strategy bootcamp on healthcare AI in the link above—and if you'd like complimentary access to the full bootcamp deck, contact us below.

If there is one constant we hear from healthcare executives—providers, plans, drug/device makers, digital health firms, you name it—it's the urgent need to upskill leaders on the realities of artificial intelligence in healthcare. It's on the agendas of most boards and executive team meetings.

CSOs and CIOs and CTOs are bombarded with pitches from vendors promising to replace something like 40% of the workforce (I wouldn't want to be the vendor having to make that pitch to a health system that takes pride in its role as a major employer). CFOs are told that they can accelerate six to 12 days in cash from AR, or assess and adjudicate eligibility in fractions of a second. CT and MRI scans can be read and diagnosed with superhuman levels of detection.

And at the same time, most healthcare executives and (especially) board members often find themselves woefully unprepared to ask tough questions. They often lack the basic vocabulary to be conversant in the technology, let alone feel confident in assessing one solution over another.

That is the reason we're doing something a bit different this week. Our healthcare strategy bootcamps (link for members) are designed to get healthcare leaders up to speed on a variety of topics. In the space of about 90 minutes, we can explain the basic economics, major players, top stories, insider jargon, and all the minefield topics that can be so intimidating to a new learner--for at least a dozen topics in healthcare.

Normally, this bootcamp is available only to our members who have access to our behind-the-paywall content. But this issue seems to be so pressing that we're handing out the full bootcamp deck to anyone who wants it. You can download an excerpt of that presentation above, but if you'd like the full version (as both a PDF and PowerPoint slides), email us below and we'll send you the full version. In the excerpt, we share a bit about some of the key terms to understand, plus a few case studies of the major stories to know in the sector--but the deck includes much, much more.

If our utilization numbers are anything to go on, our bootcamps are one of our members favorite aspects of membership. But we'd love your feedback on them. After you peruse, feel free email us back with your thoughts!


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